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Introduction to Dell Dock

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After starting your computer, you will see the Dell Dock located on the top edge of your monitor.  The original (default) layout of the dock has the Category Area of icons to the left of the Separator bar and the Quick Launch Shortcut Area to the right.  You can change this, but it is recommended following this layout for ease of use.

DellDock located at top of screen.

The purpose of the Dell Dock is to allow easy access to common applications (i.e. E-mail, Internet, Photos, Music, Videos, Office, Security, Help).  The Dell Dock keeps icons grouped together in categories, with associated icons located in Drawers underneath.  This helps eliminate a lot of icons on your desktop and avoids confusing which icon does what.  By moving your mouse's cursor over any of the icons, you will see the icon grow larger and a brief description appear.  This helps you to quickly find the correct icon for the application you want to run. 

Moving the cursor over an icon will display a brief description.
Click on any icon and a brief description will appear below it (i.e. E-mail & Chat).

Expanding a Category

When you left click on any category icon, it will open a Drawer of icon(s) underneath that displays shortcuts to applications.  (Alternately, you can right click on a category and select "Expand" and it will open the drawer.)

Internet shortcuts.Internet Explorer shortcuts. Help shortcuts.Help shortcuts.

Launching an Application

Clicking on a shortcut icon will launch (run) the application (program or file).  If you don't want to launch an application, you can close the shortcut menu by: clicking the category again (toggle open/close), clicking on a different category icon, right-clicking on the category icon & selecting "Contract" or clicking on the open desktop away from the Dell Dock.

Closing the Dock

To close the Dell Dock, right click on it and select "Close the dock".  Click on "Yes" (Close the dock).  (Click on "No" (Keep the dock running) or the close button to cancel.)  If you don't want to be asked this question again in the future, check the box next to "Don't ask me this question again".

Closing the DellDock.

Locating Dell Dock on the Start Menu

If you close the Dell Dock and want to run it again, it is located on the Start Menu under: "All Programs", then "Dell", then click on "Dell Dock"

Dell Dock on the Start Menu.