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Dell Dock on the desktop.

The purpose of the Dell Dock allows easy access to common applications (i.e. E-mail, Internet, Photos, Music, Videos, Office, Security, Help).  The Dell Dock keeps icons grouped together in categories, with associated icons located in Drawers underneath.  This helps eliminate the clutter of icons on your desktop and avoids confusing which icon does what.  By moving your mouse's cursor over any of the icons on the dock, you will see the icon grow larger and a brief description will appear.  This helps you quickly find the correct icon for the application you want to run.

Features of Dell Dock

  • Easy access to commonly used programs & files.
  • Reduces icon clutter on the desktop.
  • Groups like applications under categories, such as: Take Pictures & View Pictures grouped under Photos.
  • Avoids confusion over which icon does what, by viewing easy to read titles for each icon.
  • Add, move, or delete: category(s), shortcut(s), and separator(s).
  • Customize your dock: change the location, color, lock dock settings, enable autohide, disable run at startup and more.
  • Bring to Top When Mouse Nears Edge - allows you to access the dock when a full screen application covers it, by simply moving the mouse to the edge of the screen where the dock is located.
  • Backup & restore customization settings - nice if you want multiple dock configurations for different purposes or people (i.e. business, school, gaming, Mom's dock, Joe's Gaming dock).
  • Supports touch screen monitors (i.e. tablet computers) by displaying a larger dock with visible icon titles.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows XP.
  • Dell Computer.


The conventions in this manual include:

  • Click or select - means to press your left mouse button.
  • Right click - means to press your right mouse button.
  • Cancel or abort - are used interchangeably and mean the same thing (i.e. cancel/do not save changes).
  • Default - this refers to a setting that the Dell Dock is set to when factory installed (i.e. Run at startup).

Screenshots in this manual are from Windows Vista. This manual was written for Dell Dock (v1.50).  Comments or suggestions for this documentation, please send to documentation@stardock.com